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Most of this website is in Norwegian only. But here you will find a comprehensive intro to the program ‘Selected Agricultural Landscapes’. At the bottom of this article you can download a PDF from the Norwegian Agricultural Authority with more details.

Agricultural landscapes are shaped by people interacting with nature. Buildings, stone walls, grave-mounds, roads and paths have been built by the fruits of hard labour. Meadows, coastal heather-clad hills, pastures, hillside coppice for winter feed, and grazing fields have been formed by different land-use regimes over a long period of time. In some places this has been a long process over many thousands of years.

On 13. July, 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and Ministry of the Environment gave an assignment to the Norwegian Agricultural Authority, Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management, and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. The mandate was based on the Ministry of Agriculture and Food’s, Parliamentary Paper no: 1 (2005-2006). It stated «Cultural landscapes of special historical and biological value are to be registered, and a plan for their management effected before the end of 2010».